Town of Cherry Creek
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Cherry Creek NY 14723

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Cherry Creek received its name from Joshua Bentley Jr., a surveyor for the Holland Land Company.  He found the center of the Township located on a small island in a stream.  He cut a red cherry sapling and drove it in the ground to mark the township center.  He called the stream Cherry Creek and the town was named the same.

Lots were cut, and Cherry Creek was formed May 4, 1828.  Hardy pioneers found their way to this area.  They traveled with oxen and wagon bringing their possessions with them.  They found the virgin timber, streams, and the ease of an endless supply of water by flowing wells - all great attractions.  Some are still in use today.

The first road was cut following the Indians Trail in 1812 through the heavy forest from Kent's Mill in Villenova, 16 miles through Cherry Creek to Kennedyville.  They were paid $10 per miles by the Holland Land Company.

In the 1850's as the town grew, plank roads were built, and corduroy roads were built in wet areas.

The first log house was built in 1815 by Joseph M. Kent.  It was covered with bark and had no windows or doors.  He brought his wife and several children to live here.  In 1819, Mr. Reuben Cheney taught in the first school, a log cabin heated by a fireplace.

Mr. William Kilburn operated the first sawmill in 1823.  He soon added a shop to produce spinning wheels and chairs.

The area was served by Doctor Thomas Wheeler of Rutledge until 1829 when Dr. Horace Morgan moved his practice to Cherry Creek.

Mill stones were brought to Cherry Creek from Connecticut by Solomon Hinche in 1837 to grind grain.  He purchased land on what is now Pickup Hill.

The first newspaper printed here was the Cheery Creek Monitor on June 20, 1883.  Charles J. Schults published the Pine Valley News in South Dayton.  He bought the Monitor, combining the two and moved to Cherry Creek.  He published the Cherry Creek News for 16 years.  He sold to Will Reade and Clarence Smith who published for many years.

The town was given a great boost with the building in 1874-1875, of the Jamestown Buffalo Railroad, which was later known as Buffalo Southwestern.  The depot was built in 1896 at a cost of $3,000.  The railroad led to more shops and business interests.  In 1893 the Village was incorporated.

By 1900 the Town was a bustling community.  All needs of the farming area were available locally.  There were churches, schools, grocery and meat markets, clothing and dry goods for family needs.  Factories included cheese and butter boxes, canning factory, charcoal kilns, cheese factory, milk plant and an iron foundry.  Some items invented here were wood splitters, steam engines, long-handled dust pans, fishing rods, butter packages, and barrels.

In 1928 the State road was built through Cherry Creek and with more automobiles in use, people began to travel more and shop in larger cities.